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You have a story to tell. Let me write it. 

After working in journalism for 10+ years I’ve learned that everyone has a great story in them.  Yes, even your cranky barista and especially your shut-in neighbor. 


Sharing that story in a compelling way though...well that’s another battle entirely. 


I help you recognize the red thread and guiding force through your business, and more importantly, your life so you can share your mission with ease and confidence. 


Imagine the next time you’re at a networking event, or business lunch, or even your cousin’s wedding...and someone (inevitably) interrupts you mid-tequila sip with the age old “so...what do you do again?” 


What if you could...


✔️ Clearly and concisely communicate your mission

✔️ Consistently share your core values with ease

✔️ Confidently show up like the badass you are and always have been


Stop stumbling over your words and using vague sentences like 'I do marketing' or 'I'm a coach.'  Invest in your own succinct and empowering story. It’s already inside of you...all we need to do is write through it.  


Who is Story Magic for? 

This is for the beginner to mid-stage entrepreneur who is looking to get crystal clear on the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, AND WHY of their business. 

Why is knowing my brand story important? 

When you're not clear on precisely what your mission is and who you serve, it can make finding and selling to your dream clients, well... kind of impossible. If you're feeling unfocused, overwhelmed, and out of alignment in your business, Story Magic is the cure.  Your story and WHY you do what you do, is perhaps the most powerful part of your business, and most people never take the time to nail it down. Set yourself apart from your competition and make your clients understand why YOU are worth investing in. 

How will this help my day-to-day? 

You will leave our session with the confidence to sell yourself and your business. This translates to not only your direct sales calls and outreach, but your website copy, your Instagram captions, and even your TikTok videos. This is the fastest way to majorly UPLEVEL your business.


1. Select your goal

Book a curiosity call with Jackie to discuss your goals, and your current business vision. 

2. Time for our call! 🥳


The first hour is an interview, where we get DEEP! During the last 30 minutes, we begin to write your story together. #Teamwork 

3. Review! 

After two weeks, we meet again to go over the final product and do any edits on the spot. You walk away with your core story, ready to share it with the world! 

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