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Learn how to confidently tell your story in all its versions.

It's time to be SEEN

Master your brand's message, become the copywriter you've been searching for,  and attract dream media and clients.


If this looks like your manifestation list...

  • I can pitch myself whenever and wherever, from the line in Whole Foods to a boardroom, with ease and confidence 

  • I am crystal clear on who my clients are and where they hang out online 

  • Sharing on Instagram feels effortless, and I love watching the comments, likes, and media opportunities roll in 

  • I know I'll be able to write (and rewrite) my personal story through all of life's changes

  • Every time I post people run to read it like it's the Rihanna Vogue profile 

  • I book the media appearances of my dreams

  • I make bank by showing up and being my authentic self online

Or this sounds like a page from your journal...

  • I know I have value to add to the world, but I struggle to find the  tools to share it in a way that makes me money 

  • I want to share my story, but when I try, I get overwhelmed and ramble

  • I know I'd crush it on Call Her Daddy or the Today Show, but I'm not sure how to get from fangirl to interviewee 

  • I feel like my business has stalled, but I can't find the inspiration to pull myself away from Netflix and onto my laptop to make content or connect with my clients 

  • I've recently reinvented myself and my business and need the resources to introduce myself to the world 

  • I know it would help me promote my business, but recording face-to-camera videos makes me want to shut it all down and apply for a job at the mall  

Welcome to Story Magic Mastery. 

A 10-week group coaching program to master your messaging, become the copywriter you've been searching for and breathe new life into your business.

"There is such a stigma to talking about yourself and that has led us to not see our inherent personalities and experiences as a resource, Story Magic really combats that and proves how its a setback. " 
– Allena Staples

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As featured in....

Meet your coach, Jackie

Hi! I'm Jackie, and I am SO happy you're here. I am an award-winning journalist, and writer for Women's Health,  and I have a gift for turning people's stories into money-making machines 🤑

Just a few years ago, in 2021, I was completely burnt out when I left my job at a newspaper, and totally unsure of what to do next. After constantly trying to make myself small enough to fit into the boxes of corporate culture, I was exhausted. I knew I wanted to work for myself and have a flexible schedule that allowed me to travel the world. But I had no idea how I would do it. 

I took a look in the mirror. It was not a coincidence that I was the top-read reporter at all of the outlets I've ever written for. I have a gift for storytelling, and I was determined to continue to use it. I started taking myself, and the business I was building, seriously and started showing up as myself online for the first time. Though I was scared out of my mind, I was THRILLED when I saw how the DMs start pouring into my inbox, and my client list filling up. 

I created the Story Magic Mastery program to teach you how I built a six-figure business off of Instagram all in 10 weeks. Learn storytelling and writing skills that will help you throughout your entire career. Businesses change. Life changes! And we can change with it if we rely on our intuition and the power of being ourselves. 

Your story is your biggest asset.

Let's turn it into your biggest money-maker, too. 🤑

Story Magic Mastery is perfect for...

The entrepreneur ready to finally nail her voice and become the copywriter she's been searching for


The CEO who is ready to be SEEN and stop hiding behind her business and clients

The business owner ready to take bold action, pitch, and land the media opportunities of her dreams 

Creators ready to stop stalling on social and start watching the follows, likes, comments, and media opportunities pour in 

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Lara Pack, Elixir Play

"Jackie is professional and thorough and her writing skills are absolutely amazing. She has a breadth of experience and skills and her dedication to her work is evident in all she does."




Branding 101

So you want your dream clients to stop their scrolls on social media and run to their inboxes when they know you’ve sent an update? No problemo. We just have to razzle dazzle your audience with a clear brand identity. The first step on our mission is a crash course in branding. Here, you’ll learn WHY it’s important to have that immediate recognizability online and, more importantly, how to do it yourself. This is the first step to selling out your courses, filling up your calendar, and finding a sense of stability and comfort in your business.


Good, Bad, and Great Writing

Let me tell you a secret: you can learn to be a great writer! While perhaps Ernest Hemingway emerged from his mother’s womb, with a knack for short sentences, natural born talent is not a pre-requisitive for compelling copywriting. Enter my writing boot camp at any level and emerge as the copywriter you’ve been searching for.  When you know how to speak to your audience, your power as a business owner, and your bank account, multiplies.


Self Promotion & Gaining Media Attention

To quote the self-promoting genius Taylor Allison Swift herself, “...Are you ready for it?” It’s show time, and you’ll be prepared to share that beautiful story of yours with the world. Start sending out pitches to your dream podcasts, and media interviews, sit back, and watch as the acceptance emails roll in. 


Story Magic Method

You’ve read the storytelling guides and followed all of the inspirational speaking accounts you can find on IG.  But when you tell your own story, you’re lost in a meaningless word salad instead of the compelling Ted Talk you're meant to deliver. Learn the Story Magic Method — an easy step-by-step guide to writing stories that go viral. Prepare to turn all of those half-baked ideas in your Notes App into a goldmine of binge-worthy content that will have your dream clients eating up your offers. Walk away with an airtight brand story in your back pocket. 


Social Media Shift

Love it or hate it, Instagram is a powerful tool – especially for storytellers. Learn how to hook your audience in with reels, voiceovers, and captions that will have your followers eagerly refreshing for your next update and ready to click PURCHASE on whatever you’re selling. Follow the same steps I used to double my social media following and earn six figures in my first year of business, solely through Instagram.

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Success stories 🚀

DSC00358 (1).JPG
Since our Story Magic session, Elli has posted consistently on Instagram and developed her own e-books, bringing her a new stream of income. 

When Elli and I began our work together in March she had 16 clients. Now she has 21 monthly clients and counting! 

"I have found confidence in myself and my business again. It lit a fire in me to do things I have wanted to with my business for a long time but just always felt stuck." 
Anastacia's Instagram following more than doubled during our work together, and her newsletter has a more than 70 percent open rate. She used her Story Magic session to update her website and capture her followers on her social platforms! 

"There is a really great flow to working with Jackie. She is very humorous and brings a great tone to my work. She understands me, my vibe, and my voice. Jackie is someone you can count on when you want your business to thrive. " 
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Since beginning our work together in 2021, Emily Chandra has more than doubled the audience, and open rate of her newsletter. 

The Seacoast Stilettos newsletter now averages a 45% open rate, and a 2% click rate, more than double the industry average.

“Jackie is like my right-hand woman in my business. She has helped the business up level in so many ways. She has also helped me emotionally as a business owner with all of the support she provides!”
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(3) 60-minute 1:1 sessions with Jackie 

(4) 60 minute group coaching calls 


Weekly homework and trainings 

Unlimited support from your coach and community in our online portal 

Lifetime access to my library of educational videos 

My signature Story Magic framework

Proven strategies to grow your social media following and start making money from it! 

A coach who is here to be your cheerleader FOR LIFE! 

Let's get started! 

Our program will begin in April. 
Enrolling members now.


Have more questions? Let's chat!

● Once you schedule a free curiosity call, we will discuss where you are in your business, and where you want to go! 

● If you are a good fit for the program, I will invite you to join and get you enrolled!

● If the program isn’t right for you, I will other resources to help you on your way

● So excited to connect!

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