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An expansive evening for NJ entrepreneurs ready to powerfully share their stories in the media and on podcasts. 

Monday, May 6, 2024, from 5 p.m. —9 p.m. 
Opalescence Salon, Somerville NJ

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  • I am regularly featured in major media outlets like Forbes and USA Today. 

  • I know exactly how to tell my story in a powerful way that keeps my dream clients on the edge of their seats. 

  • I confidently talk about my business no matter where I am, whether I am at my new yoga class or on a sales call. 

  • I share my powerful message on top podcasts without breaking a sweat. 

  • I make bank by showing up and being my authentic self! 

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It's time to...

a collaboration between Visibility on Purpose's
Lydia Bagarozza and Bridget Aileen Sicsko and Writer and Storytelling Expert Jackie Tempera 

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Visibility on Purpose 

Visibility on Purpose is a media training school founded in 2023 by Publicist, Lydia Bagarozza and Speaker, Bridget Aileen Sicsko. Their courses teach online business owners, entrepreneurs and startup founders how to gain media attention through top tier digital magazines, TV and podcasts. Their students frequent media giants like Forbes, USA Today, Time Magazine, Yahoo, Fortune, mindbodygreen, Bustle, SheFinds, AskMen, and top podcasts. 


Before VOP, Lydia Bagarozza started her PR career 10 years ago in the entertainment industry. She worked at multiple large agencies where she spearheaded campaigns for some of the world’s top musicians: The Beach Boys, X Ambassadors, and James Bay. She also worked with household beauty, grooming, and lifestyle products sold at big retailers like Neiman Marcus, Target, and Whole Foods, and has generated 4,000+ pieces of press on media giants like Oprah, Forbes, etc! Bridget Sicsko is a former publisher turned Speaker, as well as Wellness and Marketing Expert. She has spoken nationally (& internationally) to 3,000+ people where she's inspired audiences on a variety of topics related to wellness, lifestyle, business, and visibility. She's been featured on AskMen, Medium, Good Morning Arizona, News 12 New Jersey & has guested over 40+ podcasts. 

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Story Magic 

Jackie Tempera is an award-winning reporter, copywriter, and storyteller. Using her razor-sharp writing, wit, and creativity, Jackie helps female leaders stand out in a world of endless options by finding the perfect words to communicate their special sauce with confidence and ease with her signature framework, Story Magic. 


Jackie helps her clients use their stories to set themselves apart from the competition, make more money, and grow their social communities like wildfire.


When she isn’t working with clients, Jackie writes about sexual health, body inclusivity, reality TV stars, and astrology for Women's Health Magazine. Her writing has also been featured in top publications like USA Today, Harper's Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Business Insider. 

Jackie’s coverage of the #MeToo movement made national news and led to changes in the legislature around sexual harassment training.


In her free time, you can find her lounging on the Jersey Shore (weather permitting), traveling, practicing and teaching yoga, and eating Italian food.

  • Unshakeable confidence when sharing your story 

  • Perfect positioning that will get your business in front of millions of viewers 

  • Knowledge of how media works and how to break through 

  • Professional branding headshots to use when you share all you've learned! 

  • Lydia and Bridget's  Foundations & PR Checklist 

  • Jackie's Story Magic framework to help you tell and retell your story for life!  

Join us for an intimate and impactful evening for networking and growth!

Photoshoot setup

Get access to our Headshot Bar where you'll get an exclusive brand photo session with a professional photographer. And we'll be there to hype you up, of course! 

Dinner will be served so you leave with a full heart and belly! 

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