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About Me


Jackie Tempera is an award-winning reporter, copywriter, and storyteller. Using her razor-sharp writing, wit, and creativity, Jackie helps female leaders stand out in a world of endless options by finding the perfect words to communicate their special sauce with confidence and ease.


Jackie helps her clients use their stories to set themselves apart from the competition, make more money, and grow their social communities like wildfire.


When she isn’t working with clients, Jackie writes about sexual health, body inclusivity, reality TV stars, and astrology for Women's Health Magazine. Her writing has also been featured in top publications like USA Today, Harper's BazaarCosmopolitan and Business Insider.


Jackie’s coverage of the #MeToo movement made national news and led to changes in the legislature around sexual harassment training.


In her free time, you can find her lounging on the Jersey Shore (weather permitting), traveling, practicing yoga, eating Italian food, and taking pictures of her cats and dog.

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