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You can’t sell to your email list if you’re ghosting them. 

The most difficult thing about email marketing.... 

Is writing.


Or maybe it’s the subject lines?

The A/B testing?

Staying consistent without being annoying? 

Increasing the open rate? 

Not having a freaking typo in every other sentence? 

OK OK OK.... maybe it’s ALL hard. 

Are you sitting on a pile of email addresses you could be using to propel your mission forward and generate revenue? 


Maybe you have a list of a couple hundred or even thousands of contacts, but they are just collecting dust on a MailChimp server.


Let me be your Swiffer. (I love a metaphor — get on board)

Instead of ignoring your audience, start enthusiastically engaging and effortlessly selling


What if you knew... could send a series of emails and make more than $30,000 in sales? (Yeah, my clients were shocked too!) 

...exactly how to grow your email list every single week? could send a text or voice message and like magic you had an expertly written email uploaded and ready to send to your community? had a primed audience ready to purchase WHATEVER you are selling whenever you are ready to launch? 


"Jackie brings a great tone to my work. She really understands me, my vibe, and even my voice when writing my emails. My email marketing has an overall open rate of 77% which is AMAZING!” 

—Anastacia Anastascio, Spiritual Coach



"Jackie has helped the business uplevel in so many ways." 
— Emily Chandra, CEO/Founder of
Seacoast Stilettos

  • Grew email audience by 45%  and doubled her open rates 

If you've made it to the bottom of this page take this as your sign that you need help with emails!

Seriously... you're probably not going to send emails consistently yourself (no shade - just truth). Book a call and let me do it for you 😇

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