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You know your story. Now let's share it with the world.

You know your story is important. You just need the right publicity strategy to get you in front of more eyeballs so you can get to the important stuff  — changing people's lives! 

Why invest in publicity?

Distinguish yourself as an expert in your field who can charge more 
Reach an audience of thousands or millions  with articles, and interviews
Find more people who have been dreaming of working with someone like YOU!
Start getting paid to speak in front of big crowds of people looking to buy what you are selling

Media Kit

The most popular option. Have us write your 250 word media bio, and put together a one sheet explainer that highlights your credibility markers, reviews, and all your pizazz! 

Media Pitch Template

Sometimes all you need to get to the next level is a little bit of exposure! Whether you want to land on the front page of the New York Times, or Cosmopolitan, or your local news station — start here! 

Customized Strategy

You are a unique person, so you probably have unique goals. We're all about that! This option is for you if none of the others quite seem to fit what you are going for.

Media Bios

Everything you're about in 250 words or less. Sounds intimidating, right? Well, it doesn't have to be! Complete an interview with Jackie and in a few days ouila! Just the info your clients, or interviewers are looking for. 

Podcast Pitch Template

Want to land your next big podcast interview? Or maybe, just have a consistent template you (or your virtual assistant) can use to spread the word quickly and efficiently? This is for you! 

The Pitch Package

Get a customized podcast and media pitch that will take you and your business to a whole new level! This will cover you for most opportunities you want to pitch to.

Not sure where to start? Try our publicity starter pack!


1 Media Kit ($777 value )

1 Media Bio ($500 value) 

1 Podcast Pitch Template ($175 value) 

1 Media Template ($175 value) 

Total: $1,627 

Buy today for $1200

"Jackie is professional and thorough and her writing skills are absolutely amazing. She has a breadth of experience and skills and her dedication to her work is evident in all she does."

—Lara Pack, Elixir Play 


Who is this for? 

Anyone and everyone looking to get in front of more eyeballs, distinguish themselves as an expert, and ultimately make more sales! From fitness experts to sex therapists, if you want to get featured in the media, you need a little bit of strategy on top of your existing sparkle!  

How does this work?

Book a 30-minute call with Jackie to go over your goals. If this feels like a good fit, we'll decide on the best option for you, book an interview (60-90 minutes) to draw out your story, and in a few weeks — you'll be ready for take-off! 

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