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It's a tale as old as time.

You have a GREAT IDEA — a real,  give-you-the-goosebumps-and-butterflies-in-your-stomach project that you just know is about to help your business blast off like a rocket ship in a new dimension.

...and then you start your marketing materials.

Between setting up email segments, researching hashtags, and writing  Instagram captions, you're feeling FAR from ready for take off.

Suddenly, your odds for a successful launch look about as good as a kid with a cardboard rocket in his backyard instead of the well-prepared, NASA astronaut you know you are! 

Stop letting the little things

stand in the way of your big ideas 🚀

Instead of another Failure to Launch (no disrespect to Matthew McConaughey and SJP intended), get your ideas off the ground with one of my launch packages.

My 10+ years of experience in the journalism industry. I know how to find a good story. Whether I am reporting from the frontlines of a middle school locker clean out, chatting with a well meaning New England con-man, or talking to a certain reality TV star about her infamous joggers, I can extract the important parts of anyone's story: including yours.  

I've worked with entrepreneurs, college professors, spiritual gurus, sex therapists, music producers,  memoirists, vibrator designers, and the owner of a Manhattan pizzeria. The one thing they have in common? They have passion, and a unique story to tell that is worth its weight in gold when it comes to distinguishing themselves, and their business as industry leaders. 

Focus on your mission, buckle your seat belt, and I'll make sure we're ready for take off. 



Our intro package designed for 3 weeks of promotion.


  • 1 Sales page ​

  • 3 captions per week (10 total) 5 emails per week (15 total)  

    • Add on:
      • Webinar or challenge

Super Nova

Our second tier, built with 6 weeks of promotion in mind. 
  • Includes:

    • 1 Sales page 

    • 3 captions per week (20 total)

    • 3-5 emails per week (30 total)

      • Add on: webinar / challenge

Super Star

Top tier, with all the stardust! This package is designed for an 8 week promotion period. 


  • 1 Sales page 

  • 3-5 captions per week (30 total) 

  • 3-5 emails per week (40 total)

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