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a day-long retreat for the entrepreneur ready
to be SEEN
in 2024, and attract the clients and media of her dreams. 

JANUARY 7, 2024 from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. —  Opalescence Salon, Somerville NJ


  • I can pitch myself whenever and wherever, from the line in Whole Foods to a boardroom, with ease and confidence 

  • I am crystal clear on who my clients are and where they hang out online 

  • Sharing on Instagram feels effortless, and I love watching the comments, likes, and media opportunities roll in 

  • Every time I post people run to read it like it's the Rihanna Vogue profile 

  • I book the media appearances of my dreams

  • I make bank by showing up and being my authentic self online

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Welcome to the Own Your Extra RETREAT

Master your brand messaging, become the copywriter you've been searching for, and attract the clients and media of your dreams!

Meet your coach, Jackie Tempera! 


As featured in...

Hi! I'm Jackie, and I am SO happy you're here. I am an award-winning journalist, and writer for Women's Health,  and I have a gift for turning people's stories into money-making machines 🤑

Just a few years ago, in 2021, I was completely burnt out when I left my job at a newspaper, and totally unsure of what to do next. After constantly trying to make myself small enough to fit into the boxes of corporate culture, I was exhausted. I knew I wanted to work for myself and have a flexible schedule that allowed me to travel the world. But I had no idea how I would do it. 
I took a look in the mirror. It was not a coincidence that I was the top-read reporter at all of the outlets I've ever written for. I have a gift for storytelling, and I was determined to continue to use it. I started taking myself, and the business I was building, seriously and started showing up as myself online for the first time. Though I was scared out of my mind, I was THRILLED when I saw how the DMs start pouring into my inbox, and my client list filling up. 

Now I'll teach YOU to do the same with Own Your Extra, a one-day retreat for entrepreneurs ready to hit the ground running in 2024. 
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What you'll walk away with...

  • A fresh set of professional PHOTOS to use to promote your business 

  • The confidence to finally press POST and show up as your true self on social media 

  • Crystal clear messaging that will have your ideal clients sliding into your DMs

  • A tool kit for long-term growth and self-promotion, and having fun while doing it 

  • A community of entrepreneurs like you ready to HYPE you up

What my clients are saying...

"Before working with Jackie, I avoided social media and creating content. Now I feel more comfortable with establishing my brand on social media. She encourages me to go outside my comfort zone to put content out there that is new but also authentic to me."



"Not only was Jackie extremely professional, but also approachable and responsive, making the collaboration an enjoyable and productive experience. She has a knack for identifying unique angles and storytelling opportunities that resonates with our target audience." 


"There is such a stigma to talking about yourself and that has led us to not see our inherent personalities and experiences as a resource, Jackie really combats that and proves how its a setback. Celebrate yourself and who you are! Jackie will help!"


Meet the Team

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