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About Me


Jackie Tempera is an award-winning reporter, writer, and storyteller. Whether it's through her writing for top publications or her work with her amazing clients, Jackie helps women of all background communicate online. Since she was a little girl watching the Oprah Winfrey Show — or just bombarding her little sister with every passing detail of her day — Jackie has always loved listening to and telling great stories. As she grew up, she harnessed this power in journalism.


Jackie began her career in communications as a crime reporter in New England, reporting on breaking news and trials for The Boston Globe and The Providence Journal. Jackie covered the #MeToo movement in Rhode Island and made national news when she uncovered a sexual harassment scandal at the State House which led to an overhaul overhaul of workplace training in the state's capital, as well as a state police investigation.  

With her agency JackTemp Consulting, Jackie uses her sharp writing skills and creativity to help female entrepreneurs expand their businesses. She now helps a variety of clients from fitness and sex coaches, to tarot readers, and professors communicate their messages clearly and consistently online - leading to better launches, more sales, and more money. 

She also writes about sexual harassment, body inclusivity, reality TV stars astrology for Women's Health Magazine and other publications

In her free time, you can find Jackie is lounging at the beach on the Jersey Shore (weather permitting), doing yoga, dancing, or taking pictures of her cats and dog. 

Let’s Work Together

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